Pull the Trigger on Your Opt-In Forms

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Test. Test again. Then test some more. In fact, you should never stop testing your sales and marketing processes. It’s only by testing your processes and comparing them to previous efforts that you can improve your results and increase your bottom line.

Opt-in pages are part of one such process. How many subscribers does page A get compared to page B? What if you change just one headline? Or leave out the requirement for a last name? Testing all of the variables can be time-consuming, though; that’s where a tool like Opt-in Revolver comes in handy for automating the split-testing of your opt-in pages.

Not free, but worth it...

Using the methods outlined in this report, you can learn my quick-and-easy method for creating high-quality reports in no time and how to build an army of affiliates to sell it for you.

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